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TED Alert is based on TED, but what is TED?

Tenders Electronic Daily, better known as TED, is the online version of the "Supplement S to the Official Journal of the European Union". TED is updated five times per week, from Tuesday to Saturday.

TED is produced by the EUR-OP, the Office for Official Publications of the European Union. Invitations to tender are published in all the 11 official EU languages: English, French, German, Dutch, Danish, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Greek, Finnish and Swedish.

TED is the online version of the Supplement S of the Official Journal, produced by the Office for Official Publications of the European Communities.

TED provides information on:

  • Public contracts for works, supplies and services from all Member States of the European Union;
  • Utility contracts (water, energy, transport and telecommunication sectors);
  • Public contracts from the institutions of the European Union;
  • Contracts from the European Development Fund (EDF) (ACP countries);
  • PHARE, TACIS and other contracts from Central and Eastern Europe;
  • Projects financed by the European Investment Bank (EIB), the European Central Bank (ECB) and the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD);
  • Contracts from the European Economic Area (Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein);
  • Contracts pursuant to the Agreement on Government Procurement (GPA) concluded within the framework from GATT/World Trade Organisation (WTO), from Switzerland;
  • Notices concerning European Economic Interest Groups (EEIG);
  • Public contracts for food aid;
  • Public contracts for air services.

The awarding authorities are the State, regional or local administrations, public institutions, and associations consisting of one or more of these administrations.