Europe's Premier Delivery Service for Government Contracts

The TED Alert Service is based on an automatic offline distribution service by fax or e-mail of public tenders coming from the online version of the Official Journal of the European Communities:TED. This type of service is traditionally called a SDI service or better known in the Web jargon as a push technology, based on public procurement.

A network of TED Alert agents in different countries sets up a profile for a personalized search. The client receives the documents in the morning on his desk by fax or email.

What is the advantage of TED Alert service?

  • The client does not spend any time in searching, thus TED Alert saves time and money;
  • TED Alert uses a very powerful search facility which allows the set up of a complex and precise profile: search combinations are possible on codes, countries, document types and terms in title and text. No existing limitation;
  • No overload of information;
  • The client is not left alone with problems but may contact his TED Alert Agent. The agent may change the search profile at any time. The TED Alert agent is specialised in public procurement and may help the client with all related questions.

Are you interested receiving every day business opportunities? Contact one of the TED Alert agents!

The costs for the customer depend on the medium and document format chosen - telecommunications charges are included:









A gateway complementary activity is made available in the framework of the TED Alert service.