Europe's Premier Delivery Service for Government Contracts


Are you interested becoming an agent or sub-agent for TED Alert?

Advantages and benefits for your clients:

  • the customer receives only the information which is requested and relevant to him - not unnecessary information ;

  • the customer does not need to search for its information - the tender notices arrive automatically at his desk - via fax or e-mail ;

  • the information is sent every single day (except public holidays) during the night - when the client is starting his work, the tender notice may be treated directly;

  • the profiles are confidential in the sense that they are established and sent to one person in other words, TED Alert saves time, trouble, and money ;

Responsibilities and rights of an agent:

  • An agent is a full member of the TED Alert network and has therefore full voting rights for all matters concerning the European wide network ;

  • An agent has to create the profile for his client;

  • The agent treats the full-text requests of his clients;

  • The agent deals with the financial aspects with his client ;

  • The agent has day-to-day contact with the Central Support Team for the operational aspects of the service ;

  • The agent may acquire sub-agents ;

  • The agent develops his/her own sales and marketing activities in order to enhance business;

Conditions for becoming an agent:

  • Accepted by the majority of all existing network members ;

  • Entry fee of 7500.- ;

Responsibilities and rights of a sub-agent:

  • Advise his/her agent on important aspects for the whole network and thus contribute to voting on important aspects;

  • A sub-agent has to create the profile for his clients ;

  • The sub-agent treats the full-text requests of his clients ;

  • The sub-agent deals with the financial aspects with his client ;

  • The sub-agent is dependent of his agent with respect to voting and the contact to the Central Support Team;


Conditions for becoming a sub-agent:

  • have a standard agreement with an agent concerning collaboration and revenue sharing ;

  • no entry fee ;